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Patricia Sue Rhoads Mauser McCord. It seems that life experience has given me quite a few names, and each of them is behind many pieces of published writing. There were the early newspaper articles written by P.S. Rhoads, published by school presses, followed by novels with Atheneum, then game products for Microsoft, science and PR materials for Boeing. . . on to my current venture, copywriting.

Setbacks Equal Advantage

I was always fascinated by written words, and in the early days that meant being puzzled by the hieroglyphics that my fellow second-graders could decipher but I couldn’t. I have dyslexia—the condition that makes it impossible to go to a salad bar in a restaurant and find my way back to my seat. The condition that meant I couldn’t read in the way that others did.

Even today, I say I do not actually read. . . I gulp words whole. But that’s another story, for another time.

The odd truth is, having dyslexia has not been so much a setback as it has been an advantage. An advantage because I learned very early that success is all about effort. Sure, luck can play a role, but luck is not a plan. Success is not magic.


Several years ago, an idea struck that resulted in a drastic change in direction. I had always made my living writing, and I had won awards in virtually every genre. Why not channel that skill into helping companies take targeted messages to a wider audience. . . and surpass their own expectations?

I realized that powerful words could tip the balance in readers’ minds. From apathy to donating to worthy causes. . . from sitting on the fence to subscribing to a thought-provoking magazine. . . from despair to buying a life-changing audio course. . . or learning how to break into a new career.

I wanted to be the writer who could craft those words. I believed the business people who understood that success requires effort and action, not luck or magic, would be the most likely to thrive and grow in any economic climate.

But I also believed that effort and action had to be smart, targeted and clear to be truly effective. That’s where my copywriting career would come in.

From my home in Tucson, Arizona, I offer writing services to companies that want to increase their business, even (or especially) in the face of the current economic downturn.

Many of these companies realize that this is the time to re-think their marketing plans. To send clear, persuasive messages that speak to customers old and new—not only to their needs, but also to their dreams and deepest desires.

Pat McCord Copywriting provides this and more. . . .

  • Web pages
  • Business to Business or Business to Consumer copy
  • Direct mail promotions
  • Corporate communications
  • White papers and reports
  • Idea generation and consulting

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One business owner, whom I worked with for many years referred to me as talented and versatile.

“Pat McCord transforms ideas into scintillating copy. She can do it all!”

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